Dev Innovation Summit

Dev Innovation Summit invites 3,000+ Dev Professionals to discover and learn about the newest developer technologies, from new Dev Tools and Programming Languages to APIs and Cloud Services. Dev Innovation... [Continuar Leyendo]


Reliable Web Summit

Una conferencia cumbre sobre la creación de aplicaciones web fiables. Esto incluye los siguientes tres pilares: Arquitectura e infraestructura escalables Código mantenible Pruebas automatizadas C4P Aiberto hasta el 15 de... [Continuar Leyendo]


Top use cases for: - Game Developers - Software Developers - Game Designers - CTOs  


DeveloperWeek Global – Cloud

DeveloperWeek Global: Cloud Conference is the premiere international cloud computing conference, where 3,500+ cloud engineers & developers, IT managers, entrepreneurs, and innovators will converge to discover this year’s newest cloud... [Continuar Leyendo]

Expo QA 21

Expo:QA is the international meeting point for Software Testing and Quality Engineering professionals in Spain and Europe. expo:QA'21 will run a day of hands-on workshops on the 20th of September... [Continuar Leyendo]


Hackstem 2º Edición

Solutions by Students A three-day hackathon from September 24 to 26, 2021 where students will have an opportunity to unleash their creativity in a team competition to help younger generations... [Continuar Leyendo]


Devops World

DevOps World is a chance to get inspired by experts and your peers and gain the tools you need to shape the future of software delivery at your organization and... [Continuar Leyendo]


At South Summit, we have been shaping the future for nine years. Today, we know that the future will either be sustainable or not at all. That’s why we are starting... [Continuar Leyendo]


snykCon 2021 – Build Security

SnykCon is a free developer conference that brings development and security teams together to build software securely.    


Vuejs London

JOIN THE COMMUNITY & ENJOY YOUR VUE! We're happy to announce the 3rd edition of Vue.js London! Join us remotely or in-person, and get ready for coding, creating and communicating.... [Continuar Leyendo]


Tarugo Conf

Una experiencia online Para disfrutar sol@ o con colegas, amigos y familia La Tarugoconf es una conferencia sobre diseño, construcción y comercialización de productos y servicios digitales que nace alrededor de la heterogénea... [Continuar Leyendo]

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