Hackstem 2º Edición

Solutions by Students A three-day hackathon from September 24 to 26, 2021 where students will have an opportunity to unleash their creativity in a team competition to help younger generations... [Continuar Leyendo]


Devops World

DevOps World is a chance to get inspired by experts and your peers and gain the tools you need to shape the future of software delivery at your organization and... [Continuar Leyendo]


At South Summit, we have been shaping the future for nine years. Today, we know that the future will either be sustainable or not at all. That’s why we are starting... [Continuar Leyendo]


snykCon 2021 – Build Security

SnykCon is a free developer conference that brings development and security teams together to build software securely.   https://snyk.io/snykcon/    


Vuejs London

JOIN THE COMMUNITY & ENJOY YOUR VUE! We're happy to announce the 3rd edition of Vue.js London! Join us remotely or in-person, and get ready for coding, creating and communicating.... [Continuar Leyendo]


Tarugo Conf

Una experiencia online Para disfrutar sol@ o con colegas, amigos y familia La Tarugoconf es una conferencia sobre diseño, construcción y comercialización de productos y servicios digitales que nace alrededor de la heterogénea... [Continuar Leyendo]


Peopleaware and Agile Management #PAM21

Peopleware and Agile Management #PAM21 <El Reencuentro> La conferencia que nació en 2015 y ya va por 7 ediciones Sobre Equipos Ágiles,  Management 3.0, Peopleware, Auto-Organización, Agile Coaching, Agilidad en... [Continuar Leyendo]


CityJS 2021 September

Co-hosted by HalfStack and the CITYJS Conference, This event takes place in an outdoor beach bar in central London, and is a way for us to ease back into events... [Continuar Leyendo]


Big Things Conference

Welcome to Big Things 10th edition An opportunity to reflect on ten years of innovation while also looking ahead. 2021’s Conference theme “Tech Awakening” could not be more timely, given... [Continuar Leyendo]



DeveloperWeek Europe 2023 is the largest virtual software developer conference & expo dedicated to Europe's tech community. Come join 3,000+ engineering ...

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